Harry potter
  1. Harry James Potter Born : 31 July 1980 Godric's Hollow Died : February 29 2904 (aged 924) Blood Status : Half-blood Maritial status : Married Aka : Boy who lived Mr Potter (by Albus Dumbledore and all Professors) Potty, Potty Wee Potter (by Peeves) Chosen One Master of Death Undesirable No. 1 Lightning (Potterwatch) Potter boy Boy who lied Barny Weasley Vernon Dudley Albert Runcorn Titles (s) : Slytherin Seeker Signature : Harry Potter Species : Human Gender : Male Height : 5'7" Hair colour : Jet-black Eye colour : Bright green Skin colour : Light Family members : Ignotus Peverell (paternal ancestor)+ Linfred of Stinchcombe (paternal ancestor)+ Hardwin Potter (paternal ancestor)+ Iolanthe Potter (nee Peverell Family) (paternal ancestor)+ Ralston Potter (paternal ancestor)+ Albreich Ambratorx (paternal ancestor)+ Notus Peverell (paternal ancestor)+ Justin Malfoy
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Lord Voldemort Killing Lily and James Potter

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