Nicholas Thomas Marvolo Malfoy


Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire, England, Great Britain Malfoy Manor










Tom Riddle lll


Caitlin Bellatrix Malfoy mother

Harry Potter father

Albus Severus Potter stepbrother

James Sirius Potter stepbrother





Nicholas Tom Marvolo Malfoy born on the 2017 was Born on during the night time at Hogwarts His father was Harry Potter and his mother Caitlin Bellatrix Malfoy his godparents were Ron and Hermione and his grandparents were Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy and his uncle was Draco ad three aunties were Astoria Daphne and Bellatrix and Nephew of Scorpios'

He grew up in the Malfoy manor with his mother He was a bad Character His dose whatever his mother dose he had a bad influence from his family he was on the dark side he was a the bad boy of family he helping his mother for a take part in a spree. he went on a six-month crime spree" with his mother for get vengeance are ready to wreak vengeance on Potters and Weasleys

Physical AppearanceEdit

he as a short brown hair and sparking cutie puppy blue eyes

Personality and TraitsEdit

was very arrogant, selfish, annoying, a true little git. But he was evil. Threatening Nicholas self-centred. Mean Controlling Rebellious, Cruel, Hostile, Jealous sadistic witch with brutal, violent tendencies.he was highly intelligent, but could be easily distracted, and had a fierce and dangerous temper

Ashe was a Rebellious kid desire to resist authority control and he was uptight he is so uptight about everything he's far too self-centred he is just selfish by nature is the belief you hold that you are a valuable and worthy of himself their flattery made him vain is incredibly superstitious

ready or eager to fight or argue.he made some enemies with his combative style he's very uncooperative and aggressive having no knowledge understanding antisocial behaviour a rather gauche, insecure young man he was told constantly that he was ignorant and stupid"the boy were portrayed as passive victims he was jealous of his father had so many woman he's arrogant and opinionated he is an unprincipled opportunist"in a light-hearted and humorous way


Years Off A Killing Spree His characteristics' Be a serial killer he was arrested after of all of the killing spree with his mother Caitlin was the Mastermind behind it she needing a partner in crime to help her with of committed the crimes with her



Caitlin Malfoy

he his the Son of Teenage of the love child Caitlin Malfoy mother at 14 years as she pairing a killing spree for him as he been trainned up by his grandmother of in battle of dueling about in dark side and the dark magic and the dark arts of cursing hexing spells and his own pentrous and how to create dark mark in the sky and his powers

Harry potter

Harry Potter


is his biogical Father of Nicholas he was not there for the birth of his child he all ready had child but Harry met this amazing girl, they got along well. Until But after thinking well, Harry decides he liked her before knowing her name, Harry is still hanging with someone sister because both secretly like each other Harry Potter she as been sleeping with him and he raped her and she fall pregnant with his baby it dose not go record to plan


Draco Malfoy

he was Nicholas older Uncle he help him he could not believe it that his sister was pregnant at her early age at 14 he was not to happy with her about his sister was hooking up with his worst enemy its even worse and also sleeping with him and got her Pregnant

Luicus Malfoy
Lucius malfoy

Nicholas was under influenced by her relationship with his grandfather to believe in the dark arts he was mad with his own daughter he lash out at her about Harry Potter and founding out that she was raped by him and he attack him what he did he told her she whated it with him


Narcissa MalfoyEdit

Nicholas's Grandmae Narcissa Malfoy was the lady in the manor who protect she was there  for him when his mother was at hogwarts she take him out to show him the ropes about dark side and all about dark arts and how to do a pentrous and create dark mark in the Sky and helps him with his powers he as

Lord Voldemort

Nicholas Godfather a male godparent." he is godfather to her he falls in his footsteps and named after him his first


Scorpoius Malfoy Edit

Nicholas older Cousin Scorpios Malfoy dose not care about her that he what her leave his friends alone and was up him and his friends to ignor he pranks him